Katariina Lillqvist is a Finnish-born director and scriptwriter who lives and works in Czech Republic and in Stockholm, Sweden. She is the chairperson of film co-operative Camera Cagliostro (FI/CZ), producer in animation studio Mamiwata (CZ) and the driving force behind Lapinlahti Puppet Animation Museum (FI). Currently she is curating the third year of A Train to Spain-project, which is a travelling installation of mixed media produced by Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish filmmakers.

Lillqvist released her  new puppet animation Radio Dolores in March 2017. It is a film  based on documentary histories of shoe factory workers during the dark years of the late 1930´s in Tampere, Finland. Radio Dolores describes the common fears and dreams of the antifascist movement in a Northern industrial town, it´s clandestine radio stations hidden in cold attics and damp cellars, telling thus the story of a young shoemaker Arvo, who disappears in the Spanish Civil War. The animation won the Special Prize in Annecy Animation festival in France in June 2017, and it has already been translated into four languages. 

Katariina Lillqviust has also been active in the international Roma civil right movement since the eighties. She works in a close cooperation with organizations liket the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno / CZ, Romedia-foundation in Hungary, and currently she is also developing the Museum of Finnish Roma Culture in Lapinlahti with the leading Finnish Roma singer Hilja Grönfors.